Benefits of Solar Installation

Here are few benefits about having a solar installation on your home

  • Lowering your energy bill by producing your own electricity.
  • Increasing the value of your property without increasing your property taxes.
  • Local & Federal Monetary Incentives for adding solar to your home.
  • Helping the environment

Permit and plans design

Permit and plans design

Find out if your home is a good candidate for solar energy.

1) Your full address

Home address for solar

Your full address is required to perform a remote assessment of your homes available roof space and determine if your home is a good candidate for solar.

2)  A picture of your utility meter.

Utility meter

A clear and up close photo of your utility meter will let us know who your electricity provider is (ONCOR or Co-Op) and will also give us your meter number for future use to perform your interconnection agreement. 

3)  A picture of your main service panel (MSP)

Main service panel

A clear and up close photo of your main service panel will provide us the information needed about your homes electrical wiring.

4) Copies of your light bills.

Kilowatt usage chart

Ideally we would like copies of the last 12 months of your energy consumption. This information can be more accurately gathered from  the Kilowatt hours used each month. This will help calculate the average electricity used throughout the year for your home and the size of your required system.

5) Submit the information.

Information needed for solar quote

Once we receive all the required information, we are ready to schedule an in home visit. During this home visit we review a preliminary design and quote for your solar installation .

6) Schedule your appointment

1 hour solar quote appointment

Choose a date and time for us to meet. In home visit takes about an hour to review all the information gathered and provide you with a formal quote with the full benefits and cost of your solar installation.