Solar & Electrical Solutions

Our expert team ensures a seamless transition to renewable energy, providing you with a sustainable and cost-effective power source. Illuminate your home with the benefits of solar energy today.

Residential Solar Design & Installation

Personalized design to fit your homes needs and to offset your electric bill, with solar panels.

Solar Service & Repair

Have a system installed already, but need it serviced? We offer service and repair to your excising solar installations by our certified and experienced installers.

Solar Removal & Re-Installation

Removal and Re-Installation of solar panels for the purpose of replacing your old or damaged roof. Removal and disposal of none operating or unwanted PV systems.

Electrical Service & Repair

Licensed and experienced electricians available for any of your homes electrical needs. We offer all types of electrical services and repairs.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Just got an electric vehicle? As part of our electrical services, we can provide you with installation and setup of your home charging station for at home charging convenience. If you would like to charge you car with solar panels, we can provide an all in one set up for your home and vehicle.

Back-up Generator Installation

A back up generator system can help run the majority of your home in case of a power outage. An initial home consultation will help you pick a location for the generator. (Natural gas or Propane required on-site)

Back-up Battery

A home energy storage system, also known battery back-up system can help reduce or eliminate your homes energy usage at night. In addition the system can help run the majority of your home in case of a power outage.

Our Residential Projects

SER Dallas specializes in installing solar panels for residential homes including complex projects such as rooftop solar panels, standing seam metal, on corrugated roof, on flat roof, and other roof types, as well as ground mount arrays and off-grid systems.