Removal, Detach, and Reset

We offer our services to detach existing solar systems should your roof need replacement.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Our streamlined process simplifies the generation of solar energy in your own home.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Each commercial solar setup is designed, tailored, built and installed.

What Our Customers Say

‘Original installer went out of businees. Alfredo was extreemly helpfull and got my system up and running very quickly. I am very satisfied..’

– Don Harrelson, 04/02/24

‘My solar quit reporting in mid 2023. Solar Electrical & Retrofit Solutions installed a replacement upgraded inverter on my home last week and called Solaredge to update the serial number of my new inverter. Everything is working great and I can monitor solar production on my phone and computer again. Thanks’
– Chris Brow, 02/16/24
‘Great company and staff. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I couldn’t get solar panels to work and they were able to figure out issue and fix it in one day.’
– Chanda Hankton, 02/09/24