Solar Removal & Reinstall

Solar Removal & Re-installation

Homeowners, Roofing Contractors and Solar Installers

We offer our services to detach existing solar systems should your roof need replacement.   

What our company offers:

  • We perform roof inspections (If the roof inspection has not been completed). 
  • Certified Electrical Contractors
  • Insured and Bonded
  • We offer warranty once the re-install is completed
  • Will work on any installation (From any solar company).

What is the process... 

  • First, we will inspect, test, and take pictures of the system.  Simultaneous, we will prepare notes to ensure the system is returned to its original configuration.  
  • We will then uninstall the solar panels, racking, roof attachments and plug all the penetrations to prevent water damage.
  • SER will stack all equipment safely on your property or if needed we can store it at our facility.
  • Once the new roof has been replaced, we will return to reinstall your system, and ensure it is operating in the same condition as before.   

If you are the homeowner have your roofing contractor contact us or if you are the roofing contractors or solar installer contact us directly. 

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